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This blog covers recent changes and additions to the shopping cart and administrative site programs.

Friday-June-06-2008 2:52 PM
"Email server upgraded Friday pm PST"

We have a planned email server upgrade Friday 10 pm PST. The service interuption is not expected to last more than a half hour.

Wednesday-May-14-2008 9:55 PM
"Add PayPal to your site"

Add another payment option for your customers. Once you have an account setup with Paypal you can add Paypal to your site. Once customers add products to their cart and go to checkout you can add Paypal as another payment option to compliment credit cards, invoice and checking.

To add your Paypal account to your site and enable customers ability to pay by Paypal: Go to admin >> Manage General Information >> Payment Options. Then add your Paypal accounts email address. This is the address Paypal will deposit your funds after a completed transaction. You will receive a receipt from your site when a customer places a Paypal order. You will need to check your Paypal account to verify that the funds for the order were deposited.

Thursday-April-24-2008 5:33 PM
"General getting started notes"

Getting Started:
Add a product: (The following are required fields)
-Code: Give it a unique code to differentiate each product.
-Product Name
-Paragraph 1 (Brief Introduction)
-Photo 1
>>Then click the Update button.
General Site Text
(Setup the general messages for your store)
Cart buttons:
(Customize the button graphics)
Manage Shipping Options:

Add/ edit options

(Be sure to set appropriate costs so you dont loose money on shipping.) The default cost is $10, but you can set it to $0 for online products, or something like $5 for USPS Priority Mail, etc. If you want us use USPS Shipping calculator, let us know. We will get the ball rolling for you to use the free service. (You will need to set the weight of each product so the calculator will work.)

Operations Manager Plug-in
-View orders

As each order is sent to you, we will send you an email and log the transaction here.
Note, if you use Paypal, you will want to wait for their email or check to confirm that the customer sent the payment. If you use a credit card service such as LinkPoint each sale will log if the card was charged successfully or not.

Those are the basics to getting started. Feel free to email us with any questions.

Tuesday-February-05-2008 9:47 PM
"Google Base, Feed Google with your products"

 Post it on Base. Find it on Google.

In working with Google we have created an application to create an XML format of all your products. This XML feed is an easily digestable format for Google to index. With our Google base product feed you can easily submit all your products to Google. This is a great way to get your products extra visibilty in search results in and

For more info on Google Base from, click here

View sample product XML product feed created for Google:



Feeds last for 30 days on Google. We will script your database to feed Google monthly for a service fee of $25 per month. Contact:

Monday-December-03-2007 10:49 PM
"Order Manager"

We have added more functionality to the order manager.

You now have detailed item information for each items on a given order. You can now specify when an item is backordered, or shipped. Each product has a status date indicating when the order is placed, shipped or placed on backorder.

When you set the order status as "shipped" all your items are set as shipped along with the date you made the update. (So if all but one item is shipped you can then set that item to backordered.) Your customer can view their order status when they log in and see an updated order status with any messages you sent via the "email customer utility".

Wednesday-November-07-2007 9:23 PM
"Site translation"

Bonjour, Hola, Ciao... We have a program which will integrate with Google translation services. You can now translate your entire site text (not graphics) into the following languages: French Spanish German Italian Japanese Portuguese For a one time setup fee of $250 we can integrate Google languages onto your site. To sample goto: Look for language drop down box on the right hand of the site.

*Note, the platform is using Google services which is subject to change.

Sunday-October-14-2007 5:22 PM
"Pay by Paypal"

We have streamlined the shopping cart integration with Paypal.

To add Paypal as a payment option, go to: -Manage General Information: -Payment Options Then under "Paypal" enter the email address you have on your Paypal account.

The Paypal payment option will appear on each products webpage under the typical add to cart button. The product name and single unit price will be sent to Paypal. So integration with Paypal is now seamless.

Friday-September-07-2007 10:17 AM
"Shopping Cart Receipts Updated"

Administrator shopping cart receipt emails have been updated.

  • Marketing message has been suppressed for admins so that you don’t need to scroll to get to the contents of each order, customers will still see the full thank you message atop each email receipt.

  • Vendors equipped with credit card processors will have the Approval message for the order atop each email receipt. Additionally this Pass/ Fail message will appear on the order look-up screen.

  • Sunday-August-26-2007 10:04 AM
    "Shopping cart graphics/ buttons"

    We have made a new system for allowing you to choose the button graphics you want to use within the store pages and shopping cart.

    To edit the graphics login to the admin then choose: Manage General Information:/
    And select "Cart Buttons".

    There you will see a list of button sets to choose from. Just click the left hand button and press update to apply the new graphic set.

    Monday-August-20-2007 11:01 AM
    "Payment Options updated"

    We have made a few updates to the payment options area in the admin page. This will better enable you to control the options you make available to customers in the shopping cart.

    To make changes, go to:
    Admin Page/
    Choose options:
    Manage General Information:/
    Payment Options/

    Easier managment for controlling payment options you receive from customers:

    Credit Card: Checkboxes
    Mail Order (Check/Money Order) Invoice Option

    Saturday-March-17-2007 12:55 PM
    "Tracking the source of orders"

    We have added a free utility automatically available to all sites running the shopping cart.

    This utility will allow you to tag the source of orders from any link that you publish on another site such as Google adwords or any other advertising program.

    By adding "?sc=source" onto any .cfm page your pages will be tracked. (Where "source" is a 9 character identification code.) You may need to substitute the ? for a & if you already are using a ? in your link. When people place an order via the link that you published the order will be tagged with that "source code". You can view the source code when your "view order" or view the email copy of the order.

    The goal of this tool is to help you see where your orders are coming from. Ex: In any ad that you setup for an ad program such as Google you can have a distinct sourcecode to track the performance of each ad. This is more accurate over Google's conversion tool because this tracking is built specific to your site.

    Ex: Link you publish on Google for a product that you sell: Link you publish in an email to customers: We hope that this tool allows you to better monitor conversion of ad spend and the general value of outside programs in relation to sales.

    Wednesday-March-07-2007 8:17 PM
    "Cart Comments Box"

    We have added the ability to customize the statement in the shopping cart above the "comments" form field box.

    The default message states: "Questions?
    How did you hear about us:"

    To modify this text look for: >Site Manager Plug-in >Manage General Information: >General Site Text >"Cart Comments Text"

    Monday-March-05-2007 10:02 PM
    "USPS Shipping Options"

    For those that use the USPS shipping rates table we have added an easy to manage interface in the shipping options admin area.

    For the 3 main USPS shipping options we have a toggle to enable or disable the shipping options. Ex. Clicking N on parcel post will remove the shipping option from the site.

    The shipping rates are served directly from USPS based on the weight of the order. Make sure that you have accurately entered the weight of the products to have USPS serve up the appropriate rates for the order.

    Here in the admin you can add to the base cost of the USPS shipping option. Ex. Parcel Post and Priority Mail are generally close in cost. Thus Parcel Post can be you low price shipping option, and you can add a few dollars to the Priority mail option to cover your shipping and add to your bottom line.

    Note the global shipping options "Packing weight" & "Added Shipping Cost" still apply to the USPS options. So adding a shipping cost will be additive with the USPS cost & base cost which you declare.

    Monday-February-12-2007 10:42 AM
    "Message Boards Upgraded"

    We have released our newest version of the message board software.

    These message boards are easy to deploy onto an existing website.

    Features include:
    -Auto upgrading of software.
    -Emotioncon icons
    -Auto email- moderator to lookout for questionable posts.
    -Auto email- original poster, to allow notification of a reply. This is a nice viral marketing tool.
    -Improved ease of moderation. Once you are logged in as an ADMIN you can view any message and either edit or delete a post using the admin tools at the bottom of each message.
    -Improved message board community member tools. Once a member is logged in they too can edit or delete any of their messages at the bottom of the message posting.
    -For each message category, you can assign an image icon to be associated. Thus when looking at the message board index page you can recognize all messages in a category by that image.
    You can also click on a category image to display only messages relating to that category.

    -For pricing information email

    Monday-February-12-2007 10:23 AM
    "Product Sequence"

    We have added a field to the product modification page.

    The field is called "SORT". You can assign a number to this field to change the sequence of the products.

    A value of 1 will move the product to the first position in the category list and store index. Any remaining products with no declared SORT value will be listed alphabetically by the product name.

    Friday-February-09-2007 9:31 AM
    "Shipping Options"

    We have added the ability to increase cost of the shipping rates with a flat number. This is especially valuable for those using the USPS or UPS shipping tables. So you can pad the shipping costs to cover handling by adding an extra dollar amount onto the rates provided by the courier.

    We have also added a shipping option called "destination". Here you can assign a shipping option to a specific country. This will reduce the options available to your customers to allow for a more targeted shipping rate.

    Monday-February-05-2007 1:12 PM
    "Mask password"

    Site Manager: General Site Text

    Password Mask- NO | YES If yes, areas that display password as visitor types it in will display asterisks instead of characters being typed.

    Wednesday-January-31-2007 11:05 AM
    "Printable receipt"

    We have added the ability to update the top area of your printable receipts. (Manage Orders, "Print Receipt")

    This differs from the Print Order in that it lacks the payment information and customizable message to the customer which is described below.

    To edit the receipt, go to:

    Update General Site Text: And edit: "Printable Receipt Top (html)" You can add html such as an image reference to your main logo and a text thank you message..

    Note, we recommend changing the print settings (page setup) before printing. Remove the header and footer to look professional and prevent disclosing the webpage administrative url.

    Wednesday-January-24-2007 3:36 PM
    "Extra text field to display info in the cart"

    You can add customized text in the shop2.cfm page where you collect billing and shipping information.

    To edit in the admin: Go to: Manage General Information: Click: General Site Text "Cart:Shop2.cfm"

    This is ideal if you do not ship to P.O. Boxes and want to notify the customer before they go to the shipping selection screen.

    Sunday-January-07-2007 9:03 PM
    "Product- Categories"

    We have added multiple fields for the product category designation. Instead of having one listing for assigning the product category, we have 5 fields. This allows you to easily see all the categories a product belongs to. It also allows us to have a quicker more precise category search.

    We have automatically converted your product category entry into the multiple categories.

    Friday-January-05-2007 3:13 PM
    "Form submit to act_DEFrequest.cfm to easily send data to email"

    We have an easy form available to collect data from a form you create and email the data a customer types in.

    When you create a form there are some requirements to make it work with the script.

    1.On your form tag, make sure the following values are set:

    form method="post" action=""

    The action refers to the script file that processes all the form names and values to send in an email to you.

    This file does not need editing.

    2.The file will take the customers information and store in the master contacts database if you set StoreinDatabase to the value "yes".

    To do this successfully each form that is created needs to have the input boxes named in a uniform manner.

    Thus the following fields should always be included and always be named as follows:

    3a.If your site takes advantage of coldfusion and we designed your site you can place the following tags at the top and bottom of your page: This will render the design of the site so your webpage will not need to include all the extra design html.

    4a.Then save the form with the extension .cfm rather than .html so that the page can activate the cold fusion scripts.

    Thursday-January-04-2007 8:27 PM
    "Discount options"

    New discount options are available.

    You can now setup Multi-Buy discounts. The more the customer buys, the more of a discount you can setup for them to receive.

    You set the purchase level and the price per item if the customer adds that many products into their cart. If the level is not met, the price will resort to the products base price.

    You can combine Multi-Buy discounts with a Simple Discount. The simple discount price will be the default untill the quantity specified in the multi buy discount is met.

    Wednesday-December-13-2006 7:03 PM
    "Product Attributes"

    Product Attributes are now editable via the master product page. This allows primary products to display on the edit a product listing page.

    Friday-December-08-2006 12:18 PM
    "Product Table Updated- Model #"

    Optional field "Model" has been added. This will allow you to keep product CODE as your reference number for inventory, and use the manufactures MODEL # which is a common reference for customers.

    Wednesday-December-06-2006 9:37 PM
    "UPS Shipping"

    We have updated the UPS shipping component. If you wish to ship via UPS we can load the zones file from UPS. This will allow you to charge customers based on weight based on UPS costs. You can declare extra weight to each package to account for packaging. You can add extra cost per package to declare handling cost.

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